How to claim your warranty

If you encounter a hardware issue with your device and troubleshooting fails to resolve it, follow these next steps:

  1. Determine whether your device is covered by warranty and eligible for replacement. Instructions on how to do that can be found in our "What is the warranty period?" article
  2. Submit a Hardware Issue support request 
  3. DT team will investigate the issue and proceed accordingly.

Important to remember!

Prior to submitting a support request, it's crucial to make use of our Help Center troubleshooting guides in an attempt to resolve the issue. 

There are two potential processes that can happen if your device has an issue and is covered by warranty:

Replacement without return

Replacement without return happens under the following circumstances:

  • The DT Support team receives a hardware support request and concludes that the issue with the device requires the device to be replaced, but we do not need the device back for further investigation
Replacement with return (RMA)

Disruptive Technologies will initiate a Replacement and Return (RMA) process if:

  • The DT support team receives a hardware support request and determines an issue with the device that cannot be resolved through remote investigation and the device is still within the warranty period or,

If the above condition is met, the Support Team will then ask you to send the device(s) back for additional analysis. 

Starting the process

To initiate the process, specific conditions need to be met. Utilize the provided flow chart to determine whether the process will be initiated based on the outlined criteria:

RMA Flowchart.jpg

Request processing

Shipping information

After the process has been initialized, the next step is to provide us with the correct shipping information. The Support Team will forward this information internally to the team responsible for managing the replacement and return procedure. You will be requested to provide the following shipping details:

  • Full recipient's name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Destination address

Request Confirmation

Once we are informed internally about the start of the replacement and return process and have received all the necessary information, DT issues a Preliminary Order Confirmation. This document serves as evidence that the request has been acknowledged and includes information about the replacement process, such as details about the replacement device(s), expected shipping date, and other important shipping information. 

The Support Team forwards this document to the customer.

Shipping a replacement

Be advised that it may take up to 2 weeks to dispatch the replacement parcel. For your convenience, we partner with reputable courier services like:

  • DHL (global partner - used in case of a replacement with return)
  • FedEx (global partner - used in case of a replacement without return)
  • Bring/Posten (exclusive use in Norway - used both for replacement and return)

After the package is ready for shipment:

  • Our Support Team will send you an email containing a tracking number for the parcel (along with a return label if the device is to be returned)
  • You will also receive a notification email from the courier service once the shipment has been registered in their system

Please use the provided tracking number to keep track of your package's status on the courier's website. It is the customer's responsibility to track the parcel to guarantee a smooth delivery. If you experience any delays or have questions, kindly contact the local courier service handling the shipment. Confirming the receipt of the parcel is crucial for Disruptive Technologies to carry out the next necessary steps.

If there is no requirement to return the replaced devices to DT, the process will be finalized by deactivation of the faulty device(s) and subscription activation for the new device(s). The replacement devices take over the subscription of replaced devices and access to the defective devices is removed. We will notify you and close the support request.

Making a return

Should DT initiate the replacement process with a return, you must send back the suspected faulty devices for a thorough investigation.

Deadline for return

The deadline for returning the device(s) is three months. To ensure a smooth resolution, we kindly request that you return the device to us at your earliest convenience. If we do not receive the device (s) in return, an invoice for the hardware and shipment cost for the replacement units will be issued accordingly.

Packaging and documentation

To ensure proper packing of the devices for return, please use the following checklist as guidance:

  • If possible, use the box the device(s) came in. If not, please find another appropriate packaging option. Inform DT about the updated packaging, as dimensions and weight information are required for the return label.
  • Make sure that your return shipment is packed well and labeled clearly by printing the returns label and attaching it to the parcel
  • The packaging must not have old labels that are visible
  • Pack the device(s) properly to avoid any damage during delivery. Unwanted transportation damage may cause false analysis result

Only the return label is required as documentation for the parcel. No additional documents need to be included.

Scheduling pickup

Global returns are through DHL. To schedule a pickup with DHL, please refer to the following article for more information: How do I return devices via DHL?

For returns within Norway, the customers can deliver the parcel at any local Post Office or Post-in-Store nearby.

Issues with scheduling a pick-up?

If you have any additional questions or encounter difficulties in arranging a pick-up, please contact the courier service directly for further assistance. Since the products from Disruptive Technologies are available for delivery only to the selected countries, please make sure to contact the shipping provider's Customer Support in your country using the phone numbers on their respective websites.

The returns shipment can be tracked both by the Support team and the customer.

Finalizing the process

Upon the package delivery:

  • Our support team sends an email acknowledging the receipt of the returned item
  • Simultaneously, we confirm the replacement or return process completion and the support request is officially closed.
  • Subsequently, we will initiate an investigation into the faulty device(s), aiming to identify and address any issues with the device(s).

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