How to find Calibration certificates in Studio

This guide will show you how to find and access Calibration certificates for your Temperature sensors through Studio.

What is a Calibration certificate?

A Calibration certificate is highly valued as it assures the accuracy and reliability of a measuring instrument. Considering the vital role Temperature sensors can play in ensuring precise temperature measurements, you have the choice to request sensors with a calibration certificate if desired.

What does the Calibration certificate look like?

Our Calibration certificate conforms to the required format. In addition to providing requester and laboratory contact information, it specifies the calibration date, recommended recalibration date, equipment used, reference standards, measurements recorded, and associated uncertainties. Please see the example below.

  DT Calibration certificate

Where can I find the certificate?

You can locate the certificate within the Studio's Sensors & Cloud Connectors overview. Just select the Temperature sensor from your device list, and within the sensor information (like sensor ID, Battery level, and Warranty), you'll find the Calibration section, where the certificate is stored.