Sensors & Cloud Connectors

The Sensors & Cloud Connectors section is listed in the left-hand menu of the Studio app.

Selecting this module will present an overview of the entire device inventory within the selected Project.

This module aims to help with:

  • claiming new devices
  • identifying, managing, editing, and configuring your existing devices
  • monitoring device data, including readings and measurements, connectivity, and battery status
  • providing an overview of device warranty information and device certificates

Within this section, you have several options:

Identify sensors by touch

All our tiny sensors have a touch option for easy identification within our Studio app. Just click "Identify sensor by touch" to locate them in your Project. For more information about claiming, visit: How to identify a device.

Claim new devices

Claiming is how newly purchased devices from DT are activated and made available in your Studio organization.

In Studio you can claim newly purchased devices directly into any of your Projects (requires Project Administrator or Organization Administrator access rights). Simply go to the Sensors & Cloud Connectors tab in the desired project, and then select the Claim new devices button.

Sensors and Cloud Connectors are claimed by either scanning the Kit ID on the packaging or by scanning individual Device IDs (IDs can also be entered manually if needed).

For more information about claiming, visit: How to claim devices in Studio.


Use Studio's search bar to swiftly search for devices by entering either the device ID for a particular device or by filtering through the device list by selecting a specific device type. Additionally, you can refine the list by filtering based on Kit ID or device label. See Managing devices in Studio for guidance.

Set labels

Labels are key-value pairs that are useful for adding descriptive data to devices and associating relevant information with your sensors and Cloud Connectors. 

Click on the Set labels button and customize your device according to your preferences. For more information on how to add and manage labels, see Managing devices in Studio.

Move devices

When you select the devices, you make the Move Devices option available, allowing you to transfer them to any Organization and Project.

Once you've chosen the desired devices and clicked "Move Devices," a pop-up window will ask you to select the destination Organization and Project. Make sure you're an Administrator in all of the Organizations in the transfer, or you're the Project Administrator for destination Projects in the same Organization.

Device Details

When you select and click on a device from the list, you'll see a detailed overview of that specific device.

The overview includes the following information, some of which can be edited and configured by the user:

  • device name, device ID, product number, descriptions, and labels
  • heartbeat interval (HBI)
  • battery status
  • warranty information
  • device certificates
  • device's historical data
  • connectivity status (can be expanded by clicking on Show connectivity button)
  • device configuration (HBI, Measurement Interval, and other device-specific configurations).