How do I return devices via FedEx?

On certain occasions, Disruptive Technologies might ask you to send the devices back for additional analysis. The purpose of this article is to help you through the process of return and to provide answers to the most common questions. 

Starting the Return Process

Should you need to return an item, please make sure that you first have a confirmation from the DT. Do not return equipment to DT until you have received this confirmation.


We do not replace non-warranty products. If you need replacements for non-warranty devices, please contact your sales manager. For more details on warranty replacements, click here

Shipping Documentation

The shipping fee is prepaid by Disruptive Technologies for devices to be returned. One label is required for each package that is being returned. The return label will be included in the replacement package we sent you, but we also send an electronic version you can download and print.


To ensure proper packing of the devices for return, please follow these FedEx guidelines:

  1. Cushion it - Use Bubble Wrap® or similar air-cellular cushioning material to fill voids and prevent movement in the box. Zip-lock bags are also recommended for packing items. Unwanted transportation damage may cause false analysis results. 
  2. Box it - If possible, use the box the device(s) came in. If not, find another sturdy outer box. 
  3. Seal it - Apply at least three strips of packaging tape to the top and bottom sides of the box to prevent it from opening during transport.
  4. Label it - The packaging must not contain any old labels or simply make those unreadable. Place the return label on the most visible side of the box so that the barcode is easy to scan. Remember to note down the tracking number from the label for later use in tracking.

Sending the package

There are two ways to send your return package:

  • Drop-off: You can drop off your pre-packaged and pre-labeled shipments at a FedEx retail location or FedEx Drop Box near you. To easily locate your nearest FedEx office, visit: FedEx Local.
  • Schedule a pickup: For your convenience, you can also have a package picked up directly from your home or office by scheduling a pickup online. Visit your local FedEx website and navigate to Home - Shipping - Pickup Options - Schedule a Pickup.

Tracking the package

After you've sent your package, you can now track its way to us online by using the tracking number provided on the return label.

FedEx Customer Support

If you encounter any issues, please visit the FedEx website for your country and reach out to FedEx Customer Support for assistance.