Ambient Range Extender (2nd Gen)

The Ambient Range Extender is a sensor accessory designed to enhance the wireless range of Wireless Temperature and Wireless Humidity sensors by up to 150 meters (492ft).

It features an internal antenna that passively boosts the radio signal, ensuring stronger connectivity between the sensor and the gateway, and is especially effective in metal-rich environments such as refrigerators, freezers, or installations on metal surfaces, where signal interference is common.

This accessory comes in two versions: EU (Product No. 102869) and US (Product No. 102870), each tailored to meet distinct regional certifications, compliances, and wireless communication requirements.


  Datasheet Ambient Range Extender EU/US


Indoor 2x Wireless Range - up to 150 meters / 492ft
Mechanical properties
Size 74.5x33.5x18.8mm / 2.93x1.32x0.74 in
Weight 17 grams / 0.6 oz
Material ABS PA-757
Mounting Method Adhesive or zip-tie
Adhesive 3M LSE-110WF