Is it possible to measure temperature more often?

The time between measurements depends on the Heartbeat Interval (HBI) configuration in Studio. 

The heartbeat interval controls how often data is sent to the cloud. Temperature sensors can be set to 5, 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute heartbeat intervals using Studio or the API. The shortest sampling interval (number of samples/measurements in each heartbeat) can be configured to be as low as every 30 seconds. Users can adjust the sensor to capture 1 to 30 samples during a single heartbeat.

HBI Shortest Measurement Interval
60 min 120 sec
5 min 30 sec
15 min 30 sec
30 min 60 sec
45 min 90 sec


The temperature often changes slowly

Please note that most real-world temperature changes are prolonged compared to our default 15-minute reporting interval.

For example, an air conditioner configured to a specific temperature will take one hour or more to cool down or heat, a room to that temperature, depending on the temperature change. During this time, you will have multiple data points to monitor the temperature change.

Heartbeat Interval Configuration in Studio

Users can modify the Heartbeat Interval configuration directly from Studio for all sensor types. Please be aware that the minimum configuration interval is 15 minutes for most sensors. However, there is an exception for Temperature sensors, which can be configured to be as low as 5 minutes, and CO2 sensors, which can be configured to be as low as 2.5 minutes.

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