What is the warranty period?

Disruptive Technologies will replace failing material that has operated within specification, is within warranty, and has an active subscription.

We do not provide warranty replacements for the following:

  1. Pre-release, beta, or prototype devices, as there is no warranty coverage for these types of devices.
  2. Instances involving exposure to magnets, exposure to temperatures beyond the specified operating range, mechanical damage, battery depletion from frequent use, and similar situations that deviate from the recommended installation and operating guidelines. Kindly consult the device datasheet for further details on recommended temperature ranges and operating conditions.

For more details on Warranty and Warranty replacement, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions, section 5, subsection 5.2 Product Warranty.

Warranty periods

Sensors and Cloud Connectors

As of 20th of July, 2023, the default warranty period for sensors is limited to 12 months after purchase. For subscriptions prepaid for three years or longer in advance, the warranty period is 36 months. The warranty period for Cloud Connectors is always 36 months.

Note: Devices purchased before the 20th of July 2023 still fall under the previous Warranty Terms and Conditions. The default warranty period for all devices is 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase if the subscription is prepaid for two years or more. 

The warranty period for sensor accessories is 12 months.

How do I claim a warranty? 

Before submitting a support request, it's crucial to make use of our Help Center troubleshooting guides in an attempt to resolve the issue. Additionally, it's important to verify the status of your warranty (refer to the info box below for more details).

If you're encountering a hardware problem with your device and troubleshooting hasn't resolved it, please follow the steps as outlined in our "How to claim your warranty?" article.

Warranty View in Studio!

Users can now view the Warranty coverage information for each device directly in Studio in the Sensors and Cloud Connectors Overview. The information will be presented as "Covered until" for active warranties, and "Expired" for all non-active warranties.