Finding the ID of your Cloud Connector

There are two ways to see the Cloud Connector ID on your device.  

  • Behind the Cloud Connector - You may use the sticker that may be found at the back of your device and the Cloud Connector ID consists of letters and numbers as seen in the image below. 

    In the sample image above, the Cloud Connector ID would be bdvphgsc00015f2lln70

    Pro trick: If you happen to have a QR scanner, this may also be used and scan the QR code (As seen on the image below) and this will also show the Cloud Connector ID of your device.


  • By using Studio
  1. Go to Studio
  2. Select Sensors & Cloud Connectors

  3. Select Identify a Sensor


  4. You may now touch your Cloud Connector and it should be blinking as seen on the image attached below.


NOTE: The Cloud Connector may only be found if you are in the project where the Cloud Connector is located.