Can the sensors be submerged in water?

Water environments can be challenging for sensors. To ensure optimal sensor performance and durability, it's essential to consider the following:

  1. IP68 Certification: 19mm sensors are rated IP68 for water resistance, but they are not meant for prolonged underwater use. Motion sensor, CO2 sensor, or any variant of Tactile Touch sensor are not IP68 certified. 

  2. Short-Term Submersion: Short-term submersion for a few days, with proper drying intervals, is generally acceptable and won't harm the sensor.

  3. Watch for Elevated Temperatures: Be cautious about high temperatures in aquatic settings, as they can accelerate water ingress. Higher water temperature results in a shorter acceptable time for submersion.

  4. Discourage Continuous Long-Term Submersion: We strongly advise against prolonged, continuous submersion, as it can jeopardize the sensor's protective seal and result in water-related damage, particularly over extended periods, such as months. If extended underwater use is necessary, consider using a waterproof enclosure made of glass or thicker plastic.

In conclusion, use your sensor responsibly in water, understanding its limitations, and taking suitable precautions to maximize its lifespan and ensure consistent performance.