How to measure temperature on pipes

This guide shows how to install the Pipe Range Extender accessory to accurately and quickly measure the surface temperature on pipes.

  A PDF copy of the abbreviated installation manual in download format is available here.

What you need

Temperature sensor
Use any of our Temperature sensors
Pipe Range Extender
For easy mounting and improved signal strength. It includes a pad for a good thermal connection between the sensor and the pipe surface and a zip tie for mounting.



  1. Insert the sensor: Peel the adhesive protection on the back of the temperature sensor and place the sensor in the square opening of the Pipe Range Extender with the temperature symbol facing up. Ensure that the dots are aligned when inserting the sensor and press down firmly for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Attach the thermal pad: Remove the liner on one side of the thermal pad and place it on top of the sensor to stick.
  3. Insert zip-tie: Make sure the clip is facing upwards.
  4. Attach to the pipe: Remove the thermal pad liner before attaching it to the pipe.
  5. Tighten zip-tie: Tighten for maximum contact between the pipe and the sensor.

Temperature offset

When the sensor is installed on a pipe, it will measure the pipe surface temperature. You can calculate the water temperature inside the pipe by estimating the offset between the water and the pipe surface temperature.

The offset will vary depending on the thermal properties of different pipe materials. 

Example installation

Below is an example of an installation that measures the surface temperature of a cold and hot pipe.