Installation review

The last step in the installation process is to open the project you are currently installing in Studio and verify that all sensors are reporting and that the signal strength for the whole installation is good.

The installation is complete if all sensors are reporting with no warnings or indications on the signal strength.

Look at ways to avoid high power boost mode if one or more sensors are showing (boost icon) or troubleshoot sensors that are not reporting (no signal icon)


Visual troubleshooting

If a sensor is transmitting in boost mode, using high-energy transmissions, the sensor will appear in DT Studio as shown below (boost icon).


An additional Cloud Connector closer to the sensor in boost mode (boost icon) will allow the sensor to report in normal mode.


Cloud Connector cellular connection

When a Cloud Connector is connected through the built-in cellular modem, we recommend reviewing the connection after some time. DT Studio provides historical data on the Cloud Connector cellular connectivity.

The illustration below shows one acceptable installation with a slightly low average signal strength but few connection drop-outs and one unacceptable installation where the signal strength is sufficient, but connection drop-outs occur periodically. Periodic drop-outs like this may indicate that the power socket in use is powered down each night and is not suitable to power the Cloud Connector.