Prepare for your installation

Before installing your sensors, make sure that you have planned for the installation.

This guide provides information about how to conduct the installation of a set of Disruptive Technologies sensors and Cloud Connectors for operational use.  

The goal of the installation is to achieve a robust and safe sensor installation that can reliably deliver measurements for an extended time without further maintenance.

No expert knowledge of sensors or radio equipment is required to achieve a high-quality installation of sensors from Disruptive Technologies. 

The focus of the guide is to provide practical advice, rule of thumb guidelines, and suggestions based on installation planning experience. Depending on the actual installation environment these suggestions may not be optimal but should be a decent trade-off between required installation effort and achieved results.

For more information on safety please refer to the Safety and Use leaflet included in the Cloud Connector box.

What you will need to carry out an installation


Installation steps

When sensor data is flowing into Studio, and the installation is finished, the next step is to gather insights from the sensor data. The DT sensors are generic sensors that can be used in virtually any application. Data from sensors is therefore typically integrated into other tools and applications to gather insights. 

Visit our developers page for guides on setting up tools to gather insights from the sensor data.