How to use the Hera 4G Router with the Cloud Connector

This guide will help you install a Hera 4G Router together with a Cloud Connector so that it can connect through it. The installation requires no configuration.

What you need


  1. Unpack the router
    Please ignore the “Quick start guide” as it is not required for the setup.mceclip5.png
  2. Connect the cellular antennasmceclip1.png
  3. Connect Power and Verify Signal
    Connect the power cable and observe that the Power LED is Green.
  4. Verify the signal strength
    Confirm that the router is connected to the cellular network by looking at the Signal LED color.

    Green is a strong cellular signal
    Orange is a medium cellular signal
    Red is a weak cellular signal

    If there is no color, there is no signal at all.
  5. Connect the Cloud Connector
    Connect the Cloud Connector using the Ethernet cable included in the Hera 4G Router box, as seen below. Verify that the Cloud Connector is online by observing the white cloud and Ethernet symbol on the unit.mceclip4.png

That's it! The Hera 4G Router has now been installed successfully.