How to resend an invitation to Studio

To ensure that only valid persons gain access to Studio, invitation links sent on email to new users have an expiration. If an invitation is not accepted in a timely manner, an unauthorized person will not be able to try and use the link later on. 

To send a new invitation, you need to have either a Project administrator or Organization administrator role, depending on the type of invite you are sending. Users can be invited on a project or organization level. 


Resend a Project Invitation

  1. Open Studio
  2. Select a project
  3. Select Project Settings
  4. Select the user that needs a new invitation


A new invitation email is now sent to the recipient.


Resend an Organization Administrator Invitation

  1. Open Studio
  2. Make sure you are in a project within the organization and click on the Organization button. (Organization Administrator access is required to see details in the organization view.)
  3. Find the person you want to resend the invite to and click Resend Invite.

A new invitation email is now sent to the recipient.

Email not received?

If the recipient is having trouble with getting the invitation on email, you can copy the Invite URL link and send this directly to the person you invited over any messaging application.