How to add a user to a project or organization

This article shows you how to grant a person access to your Studio project or organization. You will learn how to give the user the right level of permissions and the difference between projects and organization access.

What you need

  • The new user's e-mail address.
  • Administrator permission level in Studio. If you want to add a user to a specific project, you must either be the Project administrator of the project or Organization administrator in the project's organization. To add a user to an organization, you need to be an organization administrator in the organization. You can read more about this in Getting Started with Studio.


  1. Open Studio.
  2. Select the relevant project or organization. You can check that you are on the correct project by looking at the project name in the left uppermost corner.
  3. Select Access Management in the left-most menu. 
  4. In the top tab, select between project or organization access.
  5. Add the user's e-mail address. 
  6. Select role/access level for the user. 
    • Project Access
      • Project User: Can only view data in projects, no editing rights.
      • Project Developer: Can edit devices and project settings.
      • Project Administrator: Can move devices between projects inside the organization. Can add and remove users in the project.
    • Organization Access 
      • Organization Administrator: Can create new projects and has project administrator access in all projects of the organization. Can add and remove users on both organization and project level.  
  7. Press mceclip17.png 

The user will immediately receive an invite to the project or organization in Studio.

Is this your first time logging in to Studio?

If you have received an invitation, but you are logging in to Studio for the first time, you will have to create a new password by clicking Forgot your password?.