Can I retrieve sensor data older than 30 days?

The available data in Studio or through API is by default for the last 30 days. While our cloud service was not initially designed to act as a source for data science, or as a backup for platform partners, we created a new feature that makes it possible for users to store data even for longer.

The Extended Data Storage feature allows businesses to access data from the sensors for up to 3 years in DT Cloud. The feature ensures long-term data accessibility and analysis, catering to compliance and historical data needs.

Once the feature is activated for customer organization in DT Studio, we start storing additional data over the default 30 days. For more information on how to activate this for your Organization, please see Extended Data Storage.

If you use a platform provider, please get in touch with them to understand how they handle historical data. For example, many platform providers save all sensor data forever.

If you are a platform provider, please see the DT Developer Docs on multiple guides on integrating with different cloud vendors.