Renewal and subscription FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the renewal and subscription of sensors and Cloud Connectors from Disruptive Technologies. Please contact us if your question is not answered here and we will help out.

Can I pause my subscription if I don’t need my sensors for a period?
Our service is continuous from the day you receive the hardware until the day you choose to opt-out of the renewal. Thus, it is not possible to pause the subscription.
Can I restart the subscription of discontinued sensors?
Please contact us for information on how subscription of sensors that have previously been cancelled can be restarted.
Can I renew the subscription for a subset of my sensors?
Yes, it is possible to only renew some of your sensors or Cloud Connectors. Please contact your sales representative or our sales team at
Do I have to return the sensors if I stop the subscription?
No, once you have purchased the hardware, it is yours to keep.

Please remember to dispose of the sensors as electronic waste.

How can I order additional sensors or Cloud Connectors?
Visit our web store to see some of the hardware options that we offer. For other orders please contact your sales representative or our sales team at
How do I get rid of discontinued sensors?
During the installation process, it is important to take note of which sensors are placed where, so they can easily be located when you wish to remove them. Once the sensors have been located, they can be removed by using a tool such as a screwdriver and gently prying them off.

Please remember to dispose of the sensors as electronic waste.

How does the DT sensor as a service (SaaS) model work?
When purchasing DT hardware, the first year of subscription is included in the purchase. Hereafter, your yearly subscription will automatically renew, to provide a seamless service without having to worry about renewing. If you wish to discontinue our service, you will have the possibility to opt-out up until two months before the renewal period.
Is it possible to trade in hardware for an upgrade?
We do not provide a trade-in upgrade service. If you are experiencing challenges with your current hardware, we suggest that you contact our support, who will help you.
My sensors are Pre-Release or Prototype, can they be replaced to commercial variants?
Please contact your sales representative for information about replacement.
What happens if I do not renew my sensors?
If you choose not to renew your sensors, the sensors will no longer be active and transmitting data, nor will you continue to have access to Studio.
What happens when the subscription period is over?
After one year of having purchased DT hardware, your subscription will automatically renew. If you choose to opt-out of this service, your access to Studio will be deactivated. Essentially this will render the hardware obsolete.
What is included in the service subscription?
  • Sensor data reception and database hosting
  • Cloud forwarding, including data traffic
  • Cloud Full API and Applications
  • Customer support
What is the cost of renewing my subscription?
The cost depends on your pricing agreement. Please contact your sales representative or our sales team at for more information.
Which of my sensors have an active subscription?
An overview of all your sensors and their activity can be found in the Studio at Feel free to contact our support to get an overview as well.
Will discontinued sensors stop sending data?
Once the sensors are no longer active, you will no longer receive any data.
Will I still have access to Studio if my subscription ends?
If you wish to unsubscribe from a fraction of your total sensors, your access will not be revoked. On the other hand, if you wish to unsubscribe from all of your hardware, your Studio Access will be revoked, and you will no longer be able to access sensor data.