How to remove a user from a project or organization

This article shows you how to remove a person's access to your Studio projects or organization. 

What you need

  • Administrator permission level in Studio. If you want to remove a user from a specific project, you must either be the Project administrator of the project or Organization administrator in the project's organization. To remove a user from an organization, you need to be an Organization administrator in the organization. You can read more about roles in Getting Started with Studio.


    1. Open Studio.
    2. Select the project. You can check that you are in the correct project by looking at the project name in the left uppermost corner.
    3. Select Access Management in the left-most menu. 
    4. In the top tab, select project or organization access.
    5. Find the person you want to remove and press the remove button mceclip0.png on the right side of the user's e-mail address. 
    6. In the pop-up box, select Remove.

      The user is now removed.

      Access on multiple levels

      A user can have both project and organization access levels. If a user should be entirely removed from all projects in the organization, it is not necessarily enough to remove organization access. You must also check if the user has access to any of the organization's projects.

      Can you remove yourself from an organization or project?

      As long as you have the right access level you can also remove your own access, using the steps above. You will need a new invite from an administrator to get back your access.