Rapid-Install procedure

The wireless range between sensor and Cloud Connector can vary dramatically, depending on the building structure and how the devices are mounted. Planning Cloud Connector coverage can, therefore, be both challenging and time-consuming. The Rapid-Install procedure aims to remove the planning step altogether while still getting a high-quality installation.


  • No up-front placement planning of Cloud Connectors is required, just a simple estimation of the number of Cloud Connectors.
  • No prior knowledge of building structure is needed
  • Coverage only where required, based on sensor placements


  1. Estimate the number of needed Cloud Connectors
    • In an office building, one Cloud Connector typically covers 1000 m2 
    • Take the total area of the space you want to cover, divide by 1000, and then you have an estimate of the number of Cloud Connectors needed
  2. Install the sensors
    • Bring the estimated number of Cloud Connectors and the sensors you want to install
    • Install the first Cloud Connector
    • Install sensors using the Identify a sensor function in Studio
    • If an installed sensor is not able to reliably communicate with one of the installed Cloud Connectors, add a new cloud connector
    • Repeat this step until you have installed all sensors

Using the Rapid Install flow, the Cloud Connectors are powered from existing power sources. A planning action is required if new sockets are needed, and we recommend the standard installation flow.


Sensors are to be installed in an office building with 10 floors where each floor is 4.500 m2. Thus, the total area is 45.000 m2 (10 floors x 4500 m2).

The estimated number of Cloud Connectors required is 45 (45.000 / 1000).