How to add a sensor to a project

This article shows how to add a sensor to a project in Studio. Recently purchased sensors from Disruptive Technologies are by default placed in your organization´s inventory project. Below you can see how you can add a sensor to a project by using Studio's move function.

If you can not find the inventory project

Your basic project may not be marked as an inventory project if you have purchased DT sensors through one of our partners. If you cannot find your new sensor in Studio, please contact your supplier.

What you need

  • You need to be a Project administrator for both the original and the destination project. To move sensors between organizations, you need Organization administrator access in both organizations. 


  1. Open Studio
  2. Select the inventory project, or any other project your sensor may be kept in
  3. Select Sensors & Cloud Connectors
  4. Mark the sensor you want to move
  5. Click move
  6. A pop-up box appears, where you will choose the destination project. Choose the project organization in the first selection box. In the second box, start typing the project name, and the project will appear. Select the project and click move. Now the sensor is added to the project. 

You will now see a reduction of sensors in the original project, and the new sensor is visible in the new project. If you are moving many sensors at once, have a look at the article How to move many devices between projects?.