How to export a list of devices from Studio

If you want to export and gather the data of your devices into your own spreadsheet to work you can achieve that by using the file export feature in Studio.

  1. Go to Studio
  2. Open the project that you need the extraction to

  3. Once the project has been selected, select "File Export" located on the lower-left panel.

  4. Once File Export has been selected, the image below should appear on your screen. At this point, you have to select "Export Sensor Data"

    NOTE: You may select this link to see how to Export Sensor Data

  5. By default, the option "CSV" format of the extracted data. You may begin device export by selecting the START GENERATING REPORT button that may be found on the lower right corner of this page. 

  6. You may now see the extracted export device list on the File Export tab. The 10 last generated exports will be available here.

    And you're done! The device export procedure has been completed.

    Note! The files will be available in the File Export tab for 100 days after generating, then automatically expire. Be sure to save your files outside of Studio to avoid losing data.