How to export data to file

To extract a list of devices or analyze the sensor measurements in a project, you can export a CSV or Excel file through the File Export function in Studio. 

Exports expire after 100 days

Only the ten last generated exports are available in the File Export, and they automatically expire after 100 days. So be sure to save your files outside of Studio to avoid losing data.

What you need

  • Permission: A user role of Project User or higher


How to export sensor events

You can export project data for the last 30 days in either CSV or Excel format. Each event will get a separate line in the reports. 

  1. Open Studio
  2. Select File Export
  3. Select Export sensor dataExportButton.png
  4. Customize your report
    • Time period: Select a suitable time range for your report with start date no longer than 30 days back in time
    • Events in the report: Sort out the events to include.
      • Tip! Select All sensor events to include other events than temperature, touch, and proximity.
      • Tip! Select Temperature measurements to include all readings from Gen 2 sensors.
    • Export format: Choose CSV to generate a comma-separated file or Excel to create a .xlsx-file
    • Export timezone: Choose the time format for your report. Either UTC (same time as in the REST API) or your local timezone.
  5. Select Start Generating Report
  6. The export will start generating, and the list of the last ten generated exports will appear, with your newly generated export on the top. Press Save to download the file. 


How to export a device list

Use the export feature in Studio to get a list of devices for a project in a spreadsheet format. The list includes the device ID, type, name, description, and labels. 

  1. Open Studio
  2. Select File Export.
  3. Select Export device list

  4. Select format: CSV or Excel.
  5. Select Start Generating Report
  6. The report will start generating, and once finished, the Save button appears next to it in the list of generated exports. Press Save to download the file.