How to export sensor data from Studio

If you want to analyze the data gathered from your sensors in a spreadsheet, you can achieve that by exporting the data directly from Studio. Data from up to the last 30 days can be exported, and you can choose between CSV or Excel format. 

It is only possible to export data from sensors within one Project. To export data for sensors in different Projects, please repeat these steps for each.


  1. Go to Studio.
  2. Open the Project that you want to export data from.
  3. Select File Export located on the left-hand menu.
  4. Select Export Sensor Data
  5. Select the type of sensor events and the time period that will be included in the report. Only sensor data for the last 30 days can be selected.
  6. Select Export Timezone to either be UTC or the local time on your computer.
  7. Select Start Generating Report and the report will be created in the background.

  8. Note that the time before the report is finished will depend on the amount of data that is exported. Click Save to download the file. 

And you're done!


The files will be available in the File Export tab for 100 days after generating, then automatically expire. Be sure to save your files outside of Studio to avoid losing data.