How do I return devices via DHL?

On certain occasions, Disruptive Technologies might ask you to send the devices back for additional analysis. The purpose of this article is to help you through the process of return and to provide answers to the most common questions. 

Starting the Return Process

Should you need to return an item, please make sure that you first have a confirmation from the DT. Do not return equipment to DT until you have received this confirmation.


We do not replace non-warranty products. If you need replacements for non-warranty devices, please contact your sales manager. For more details on warranty replacements, click here


To ensure proper packing of the devices for return, please use the following checklist as guidance:

  • Make sure that your return shipment is packed well and labeled clearly
  • The packaging must not contain any old labels or simply make them unreadable
  • Pack the device(s) properly to avoid any damage during delivery. Unwanted transportation damage may cause false analysis results
  • If possible, use the box the device(s) came in.

Shipping Documentation

The shipping fee is prepaid by Disruptive Technologies for devices to be returned. Before you contact DHL, make sure that you have the following documents prepared (click on the link to see an example):

Both pre-paid return labels and a commercial invoice can be found either in your order from DT or in the email that you received from DT when the order was shipped. If you cannot locate the physical labels and commercial invoice that came with your order, you might need to use the printer to print out the labels and the commercial invoice from the email.

Affix the DHL return labels separately on any side of your parcel. The commercial invoice should also be on the outside of the parcel for customs purposes. Ensure that both the labels and the commercial invoice are visible and the barcode is easy to scan.

Scheduling a pickup

You can request a pick-up for your return via DHL's website or drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint.

If you choose to request a pick-up, keep your DHL waybill number near at hand, you will need this to schedule your pickup. You will find your waybill number on the pre-paid return label.

To schedule a pickup, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to DHL's Express webpage and select your location.
  2. Click the Schedule a Pickup tab.
  3. In the “Do you need to create a shipping label” section, click No.
  4. Select “I have a DHL Waybill Number” in the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the DHL Waybill number from your pre-paid return shipping label.
  6. Fill in your country code and phone number, then click Next.

    Shippping process 1.jpg

  7. Enter the location of the pickup, then click Next

    Shipping process 2.jpg

  8. Enter the number of packages, the total weight, and the dimensions of the package, then click Next

    Shipping process 3.jpg

  9. Schedule the pickup time, then click Schedule Pickup.

Shipment tracking

You can track your return shipment with Track & Trace using the barcode number on the DHL return label. From the moment that DHL has scanned the parcel, you can pinpoint your parcel and see when it has been delivered to DT. 

Tracking numbers usually have the following format:

  • 10 digits numerical only
  • starts with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or similar. Examples: 1234567890 or JJD0099999999.

Deadline for return

Unless you have a written agreement with Disruptive Technologies, products must be returned to Disruptive Technologies within 30 days of receiving your confirmation. If equipment is not returned within 30 days, you will have to pay the hardware and shipment cost for the replacement units.

DHL Customer Support Contact

If you have any additional questions, please contact DHL Customer Support.

Since the products from Disruptive Technologies are available for delivery only to the selected countries, please make sure to contact DHL Customer Support in your country using the phone number from the table below. 

Country Phone number
Andorra 902122424
Austria 0800550505
Belgium 003227155050
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0038733774000
Bulgaria 070017700
Canada 18553457447
Croatia 0038516651111
Cyprus 77777345
Czechia 840103000
Denmark 004570345345
Estonia 6808555
Finland 03045346
France 0825100080
Germany 004922890243511
Greece 2109890000
Hungary 00361245454
Iceland 5351100
Ireland 0818725725
Italy 199199345
Latvia 0037166010000
Liechtenstein 0848711711*
Lithuania 852360700
Luxembourg 0352350909
Malta 0035621800148
Monaco 0825100080**
Montenegro 38220872460
Netherlands 088055200
North Sea (Tampnet) /
Norway 21002200
Poland 0048426345100
Portugal 707505606
Romania 0212221777
San Marino 199199345
Serbia 00381113105500
Slovakia 00421248204700
Slovenia 0038615887800
Spain 902122424
Sweden 0771400345
Switzerland 0848711711
USA 18002255345
United Kingdom 03442480012
Vatican City /

*handled by Switzerland

**handled by France