“This Kit/Device has already been claimed” error message

One of the possible error messages you might encounter in Studio when claiming DT devices might be the "This Kit/Device has already been claimed” error message.

That can indicate the following:

  • Someone has already claimed the devices into the Organization and they can not be claimed again. The devices might already be in your Organization in one of the Projects or in the Organization's Inventory,  so try to locate them in the Studio first. Please use the Identify Device feature in Studio to try to pinpoint the location of the device if it is present there. 
  • The devices have already been claimed into another Organization. If it is known that the devices were previously claimed by another Organization, it might be the case that the devices are still present in that previous Organization, and therefore, the new Organization will not be able to claim them. In this instance, it is possible to move them into your organization (this will also transfer the subscription billing responsibility to your organization), under the condition that the person trying to move the devices has the role of an Organization Administrator in both Organizations. If that is not possible, please contact DT Support for further help with claiming or moving the devices.

If the suggestions above did not help or provide guidance, please reach out to us at DT Support with the Kit ID/Device ID and we will gladly help.