Sensor readings are unexpected

Disruptive Technology sensors are considered to be extremely precise, but if not installed properly and with environmental influences in mind, it might happen that the sensor will start sending out unexpected readings. It is advisable to follow the installation instructions as given in the Installation Guide

Such unexpected readings can be presented as:

  • false touch events
  • false water detections
  • unexpected temperature readings
  • unusual CO2 readings

False touch events

The sensor is exposed to electric fields

Strong electric field fluctuations (e.g., fluorescent lamps and switching transformers) may trigger false touch events. Try to adjust the placement of the sensor and check the readings after a while. Contact us to possibly configure the sensor to be better suited for the environment.

False water detections

The Water Detector sensor is very sensitive, and even a small build-up of water on the surface can trigger the detection of water. Possible causes for false water detections can be:

Humid environment

Install the sensor in an environment with lower humidity.

Install the sensor in a non-condensing environment.

Unexpected temperature readings

The temperature sensors offer excellent accuracy, but on very rare occasions, false readings can appear. 

The reference temperature is wrong

Make sure the sensor is mounted so that it measures correctly (ambient vs. surface temperature). In case the sensor is intended for measuring ambient temperature, consider using Accessories to separate the sensor from the surface. Remove sources that could affect the measurements (ovens, exposure to sunlight, etc.). Verify measurement using another sensor or a calibrated temperature probe.

Drift over time
The temperature sensors offer excellent long-term stability. Verify that the drift is within the expected range.

Unusual CO2 readings

There are two known situations where Disruptive Technology CO2 sensors can show unexpected readings. 

Installation readings

It is important to mention that the sensor makes real-time measurements, so the readings taken during installation and within the first 7 days can be artificially high. After the installation and removal of the battery tab, the sensor needs 7 days to calibrate itself before the CO2 measurements are within the specification. Human breath within a few meters of the sensor may affect the CO2 readings, as well as touching the device during installation may affect temperature and humidity readings.

Environmental factors
Disruptive Technologies intended the CO2 sensor to be used indoors. We do not recommend outdoor use. The sensor can be severely impacted by water if placed outside, which can lead to both unexpected humidity and CO2 readings. In that case, please make sure to bring the sensor inside, leave it to dry for a couple of days, and give it 7 days to recalibrate again. Check if the readings are within expectations.

Troubleshooting did not fix the problem?

If you're still experiencing a hardware issue, please refer to our Warranty article for more details on the replacement possibility.