What do the symbols on the 4G Cloud Connector mean?

The 4G Cloud Connector has a front displaying different symbols based on its current state, as explained below.


  A red cloud means that the DT Cloud cannot be reached, usually due to a network or cellular problem. See troubleshooting for tips on getting the device online.

A stable white cloud means the device is online and communicating with the DT Cloud.

  A blinking cloud means that the device is attempting to connect

 The dots represent the cellular signal strength. No visible dots indicate a weak signal strength below 20%.

  The Cloud Connector is starting up. It has a different meaning when the Activity Monitor is active.

  Connected through Ethernet

  Connected through the cellular network

Experiencing an issue?

Please refer to our Troubleshooting section to diagnose and resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, please get in touch with us. Please include the ID of the device and a description of the issue when contacting support.