Surface Range Extender

PN 101699


The Surface Range Extender is designed to measure a metal surface's temperature and get maximum radio range. The Pipe Range Extender is a variant of the Surface Range Extender.

Placing a sensor flat on the metal gives a very good measurement of the surface temperature. Still, as metal absorbs much of the RF energy, the radio range is severely degraded. 

The surface range extender solves this by using a range extender embedded in a sensor accessory. The sensor is placed flat on metal, with the range extender lifted from the metal surface. This design allows the radio waves to propagate better, achieving maximum range combined with great thermal coupling to the surface for accurate temperature measurements.

Typical use

  • Monitoring of motors and bearings. Temperature increase indicates maintenance is needed.
  • Monitoring high-energy electric contacts (e.g., Smart Grid). Temperature increase indicates overload or too high contact resistance.
  • Monitoring of transformers. High temperature indicates an overload.
  • Monitoring of high-energy fuses. High temperature indicates an overload.