Range Extender

PN 100644



The Range Extender is a passive wireless external antenna that increases the connection between a sensor and a Cloud Connector up to quadruple the range

How does it work?

The Range Extender is a flexible passive external antenna that has an adhesive on the backside for easy installation on most surfaces.

The Range Extender is optimized to work well with all sensors from Disruptive Technologies except tactile touch sensors.


 Datasheet Range Extender 100644


This guide will show how to install the Range Extender.  Before you start the installation, make sure you have a Range Extender, the sensor that you want to install and that you know where you want to mount the sensor.

What you need

Use any sensor from Disruptive Technologies except for the Wireless Tactile Touch Sensor and the Wireless Counting Tactile Touch Sensor.
Range Extender


  1. Have a clean surface
    For the adhesive on the Range Extender to stick, the surface must be clean. Clean if necessary.
  2. Remove the protective layer
    Remove the protective layer on the back of the Range Extender.
  3. Place the Range Extender
    Stick the Range Extender on the surface where the sensor will be mounted.
  4. Prepare the sensor
    Peel off the adhesive protection on the back of the sensor
  5. Align the dots
    Make sure that the dot on the sensor aligns with the dot on the Range Extender.
  6. Place the sensor
    The last step is to glue the sensor to the Range Extender.

The installation is now complete.

Metal surfaces

Please note that mounting the Range Extender directly on a metal surface will not increase the connection range.