How to move many devices between projects

This article shows how to move several sensors or Cloud Connectors from one project to another. You can move sensors either by using the API or directly in Studio

What you need

  • The right project access level. To move devices between projects inside an organization, you need to either be an Organization administrator or a Project administrator in both projects.

Moving devices between organizations

You must be an Organization administrator to move devices between organizations. No changes will be made to the subscriptions unless otherwise has been agreed with Disruptive Technologies. Find more information about subscriptions in the Renewal and subscriptions FAQ.


    1. Find the name of the destination project
    2. Open Studio
    3. Go to the project where you keep the devices
    4. Select Sensors & Cloud Connectors
    5. Select all the devices you want to move

      Searching for multiple devices at once

      You can search for multiple devices at once by pasting several device IDs and separate them by spaces.

    6. Select Move Sensors on the top menuMoveSensors.png
    7. A pop-up menu appears. Select the destination project. If the project is outside your organization, you must change the organization in the upper selection box.
    8. Click Move

You can now find the devices in the destination project.