How to move many devices between projects

This article shows how to move several sensors or Cloud Connectors from one project to another. You can move sensors either by using the API or directly in Studio

What you need

  • Permission: A user role of Project administrator or higher for both projects


    1. Open Studio
    2. Select the Project which contains the sensors you want to move
    3. Select Sensors & Cloud Connectors
    4. Select the devices you want to move. Filter the devices by using the search field at the top.
    5. Select Move Devices on the top menu
      • The dropdown at the top: Select the organization. By default, it is set to the organization the device resides in. Press x to change the organization.
      • The textbox on the bottom: Search for the destination project by typing its name. 
    6. Select Move

You can now find the devices in the destination project.

Moving devices between organizations

You must be an Organization administrator in both organizations to move devices between organizations. By transferring devices to a new organization you are also transferring the subscription billing responsibility to the new organization.