Motion Sensor


The Wireless Motion Sensor uses Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) technology to detect the presence of people by measuring changes in infrared light intensity coming from people moving into the sensor's field of view. Detection events are wirelessly transmitted to nearby Cloud Connectors (gateways) via the SecureDataShot™ protocol. Cloud Connectors relay sensor data to the DT cloud infrastructure. From there, data can be integrated into other services using our REST APIs or viewed directly in DT Studio (web application).

EU and US variants

This sensor is available in two variants, one for the EU and one for the US, due to different certifications, compliances, and wireless communication.


Operating conditions 
Temperature range 0 to 50 °C / -32 to 122 °F
Recommended temperature range 0 to 50 °C / -32 to 122 °F
Humidity 0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)
Wireless communication
 EU 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, SecureDataShot
 US 915 MHz ISM band, SecureDataShot
Certifications and compliance 
US Certified to FCC and ISED regulations
FCC ID: 2ATFX-102518
IC: 25087-102518
Recommended storage conditions Cool and dry, near normal room temperature
Construction material Polycarbonate (PC) 
Size and weight 110 mm(⌀)x42 mm, 123.0 g
Lifetime Up to 10 years in the default configuration and standard environment
Wireless Range  
Indoor 100 m | 328 ft
Product numbers and datasheets
102517 Wireless Motion Sensor EU
102518 Wireless Motion Sensor US
Datasheet Datasheet Wireless Motion Sensor EU/US


Detailed installation and planning instructions can be found in the Motion Sensor Installation Manual