Extended Data Storage

The extended data storage feature allows businesses to access data from the sensors for up to 3 years in DT Cloud. The feature ensures long-term data accessibility and analysis, catering to compliance and historical data needs.

This feature will allow 3-year data access to:

  • Access and analyze long-term data using DT Studio: Businesses can access and analyze long-term data directly from DT Studio for up to 3 years without investing in other data storage solutions.
  • Download data from Studio Exports: Download 3-year sensor data using Studio Exports for easy sharing and analysis.
  • Retrieve data through APIs: Retrieve three years of data through APIs, seamlessly integrating it with your software applications.

How it works

Once the feature is activated for customer organization in DT Studio, we start storing additional data over the default 30 days. 

An example of the Extended Data Storage for the last 3 months

How can I activate this feature?

To activate this feature, you can either contact support through our various channels, contact your Customer Success Manager, send a request email to our Sales team, or simply request it through your Studio app


Our pricing plans vary depending on the number of sensors in your organization:

  Free Essentials Pro Enterprise

Sensor limit


Up to 1,000

Up to 10,000


31 days

3-years 3-years 3-years
Price Free Contact us Contact us Contact us
SSO feature Not supported Supported* Supported* Supported*

*Please visit How to set up Single Sign-On article for more information about this feature.

Questions & Answers


Do I have to select which sensors the extended data storage applies to?
No, extended data storage is purchased on an organizational level and is valid for all the sensors inside the projects in the organization.
What happens if I exceed the 1,000 sensor limit in the Essentials Plan? Will I get a new invoice?
No, you will be upgraded to the Pro plan (up to 10,000) sensors at the time of the next renewal.
What happens if I purchase the Pro plan and then cancel sensor subscriptions and fall below the 1,000 sensor line?
You will be downgraded to the Essentials plan (up to 1,000) sensors at the time of the next renewal..
Will I have access to 3 years of data immediately when upgrading to Extended Data Storage?
No, we start storing additional data from the date when the feature is activated for the DT Studio customer organization. For example, one month after the feature is activated, the customer will have built up two months of sensor data.


How do I know that I have extended data storage active on my account?
Extended periods are active in Studio and you will have the new subscription in the billing module.
Is emulated sensor data included?
Emulated sensor data is only accessible for a month, like before.
Where can I find the updated time range options in Studio?
In Studio, you can access the new time range choice through the Dashboard, during the export creation, and when viewing the sensor details page.
Why can't I see connectivity data for longer than one month in Studio?
Connectivity data is available for three years through the API only.


What is the key change in the API's functionality, and how does it affect organizations with the feature enabled?
The primary feature of the API remains unchanged. The only enhancement is that organizations enabling this feature can retrieve up to 3 years of data.


Where is the data stored?
Data is stored in Google data centers in Europe.