Install Cloud Connectors

Start with installing Cloud Connectors so that sensors will be connected to the DT Cloud when you are installing them. 

Place Cloud Connector

Place the Cloud Connector high on the wall or in the ceiling (similar to WiFi access points). Avoid placing it in metal cabinets or behind metal doors. Metal absorbs radio waves, and will negatively affect range and coverage.


Tip! Touch to identify a Cloud Connector

To quickly identify your Cloud Connector after it has been installed, you can use the Identify Sensor function in Studio in the same way as you would identify a sensor. Have a look at Finding the ID of your Cloud Connector article for more information.

Optimize placement for coverage

Install the Cloud Connector so that it will cover the larges area.

Placement in the middle of the installation area gives good coverage.DTArtboard_17.png

Placement in the corner of the installation will limit the coverage.DTArtboard_17_copy.png

Verify that the Cloud Connector is online


If a white cloud symbol appears on the Cloud Connector, it has successfully connected to the Cloud. The dots beneath the cloud symbol indicate the signal strength.

If a red cloud appears on the Cloud Connector, go to troubleshooting.