Getting started with your first sensors

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Congratulations on your new Sensor Kit!

This guide helps you activate your devices for use in the Studio app. Complete the steps below to start using your sensors and Cloud Connectors:

  1. Create a Studio Administrator
  2. Create a Studio Organization
  3. Claim the sensors and Cloud Connectors
  4. Power the Cloud Connector
  5. Check if the sensors and Cloud Connectors are online

Step 1 Create a Studio Administrator

Create a Studio Administrator →

You'll need a Studio Administrator account to view and manage your sensors and Cloud Connectors. Once you've created a new account, you will receive a verification email enabling you to log into DT Studio.

If your company already uses DT sensors, request that an administrator include you in the existing Organization. For additional information, please visit Distinguishing Between Organizations and Projects.

Step 2 Create a Studio Organization

Now that you are logged in, you can proceed to create a Studio Organization

Enter a name for your Organization to unlock access to Studio, allowing you to claim your sensors and Cloud Connectors.

Step 3 Claim your sensors and Cloud Connectors in Studio

The next step is to register your sensors and Cloud Connectors in Studio, a process we call claiming. Claiming connects the devices and their subscriptions to your Organization. The subscription starts the moment the device is claimed. Cloud Connector will not work until it is claimed.

To claim the sensors and Cloud Connectors, either:

  • Scan the Kit ID found on the packaging or
  • Scan individual Device IDs.

If you are having trouble with claiming, check the possible errors listed below to identify the issue:

  • This Kit/Device has already been claimed”:
    • Someone from your Organization has already claimed the device. Use the Identify Device feature to search for the device in your projects.
    • Another organization has already claimed the device. Contact Support for further help with claiming or moving the devices.
  • Not found”:
    • we were not able to locate the Kit/Device in our system. If the device ID was entered manually and not scanned, please double-check if there are any errors in the input. Otherwise, please contact Support.

Tactile Touch sensors do not have printed QR Device IDs. Refer to Installing Tactile Touch sensors for more information on claiming.

Step 4 Power the Cloud Connector

You're now ready to power on the Cloud Connector.

Use the provided power supply to power the Cloud Connector. While the device is booting up, a blinking white light appears, which can take up to a few minutes. A solid white light indicates that the device is connected and fully operational.

Cloud Connectors with a cellular subscription automatically connect to the DT Cloud.

For the Ethernet or PoE option, please refer to our Installation article for more instructions. 

Cloud Connector on the ceiling.jpg

Step 5 Check if the sensors and Cloud Connectors are online

When the Cloud Connector is online, nearby sensors will automatically send encrypted data to your account in the cloud. Check if the Cloud Connectors have a Good Connection in the Studio app, as shown below:

CCON cellular online.jpg

The last step is to verify that all sensors are reporting data:

  • Tiny sensors - Studio has a built-in Touch function to listen to all sensors within one project, providing a simple way to identify and check the connectivity status by simply touching them. Use the Identify sensor by touch to check if your tiny sensor is online and responds.
  • CO2, Motion sensor, and Temperature Probe sensor - Pull the battery tab to activate the sensor. The sensor should be active and visible in the Studio immediately. 
  • Door & Window sensor - Pull the battery tab to activate the sensor. Move the magnet toward the sensor unit to check if the state change will trigger in Studio. The change should be visible immediately. 

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