Managing Studio access

This article shows you how to grant a person access to your Studio project or organization. 

The differences between project or organization access

In the table below, you can see the most important differences between a project and an organization membership. An organization administrator has access to all projects within the relevant organization, while project members only have access to a specific project within an organization. Project users can view but not apply changes to devices, dashboards, data connectors, and emulated devices. 

Permissions for different user roles

  Project User Project Developer Project Administrator Organization Administrator
Manage project users, developers, and administrators     x x
Manage organization administrators       x
Manage service accounts     x x
View device details x x x x
Rename, add descriptions and labels to devices   x x x
View project details x x x x
View organization details       x
Claim devices     x x
Move devices between projects     x x
Move devices between organizations       x
Create projects       x
Create dashboards   x x x
Create notifications   x x x
Create file exports x x x x
Create emulated devices   x x x
Create emulated events x x x x
Manage data connectors   x x x
Manage billing information       x

Managing user access

Below is an overview of managing access on project and organization levels using Studio.

Manage project access

  1. Open Studio
  2. Select the relevant project. You can check that you are on the correct project by looking at the project name in the header
  3. Select Project Settings in the menu on the left

Manage organization access

  1. Open Studio
  2. Select a project within the organization
  3. Click the Administrators button in the bottom left menu

Is this your first time logging in to Studio?

If you have received an invitation to log into Studio for the first time, you will have to create a new password by clicking Forgot your password?.  If the invitation is sent, but you cannot find it, check this article

Add new user

  1. Open Studio
  2. Navigate to either the Project Administrator or Organization Administration page like described above
  3. Add the user's e-mail address in the Invite member box. 
  4. Choose a role for the user
  5. Select Invite member

The user will immediately receive an invite to the project in Studio.

Remove a user

  1. Open Studio
  2. Navigate to either the Project Administrator or Organization Administration page like described above
  3. Find the person to be removed from the project or organization in the member list and press the remove button DeleteButton.png next to the user's e-mail address
  4. In the pop-up box, select Remove

The user is now removed.

Can you remove yourself from an organization or project?

With the right access level, you can also remove your access using the steps above. You will need a new invite from an administrator to get back your access.

Access on multiple levels

A user can have both project and organization access levels. To remove a user from all projects in the organization, it is not necessarily enough to just remove organization access for that user. You must also check if the user has access to any of the organization's projects.

Resend Invitation

To ensure that only valid persons gain access to Studio, invitation links sent by email to new users have an expiration. If an invitation is not accepted promptly, the invitation needs to be resent. 

  1. Open Studio
  2. Navigate to either the Project Administrator or Organization Administration page like described above
  3. Select the e-mail address of the relevant user in the member list

A new invitation email is now sent to the user's e-mail address.

Email not received?

If the recipient is having trouble getting the invitation by email, the administrator can copy the Invite URL link and send this directly to the invited person over any messaging application.