How to claim devices in Studio

What is claiming?

Claiming is how newly purchased devices from DT are activated and made available in your Studio organization.

All devices from DT come with a prepaid subscription period. Claiming gives you control over when you want to activate these subscriptions. This enables you to keep stock of sensors and Cloud Connectors and claim them over time when you need them for new installations.

How to claim Sensors and Cloud Connectors

In Studio you can claim newly purchased devices directly into any of your projects (requires project administrator or organization administrator access rights). Go to the Sensors & Cloud Connectors tab in the desired project, and then select the Claim new devices button.


Sensors and Cloud Connectors are claimed by either scanning the Kit ID on the packaging or by scanning individual Device IDs (IDs can also be entered manually if needed).

Claiming Tactile Touch sensors

Tactile Touch sensors do not have printed QR Device IDs. Claim the sensor in Studio by scanning the QR code found on the sensor packaging. See more information here: Installing Tactile Touch sensors.

The number of sensors in a box can vary, ranging from as few as 1 to as many as 100, depending on the number of sensors ordered. As a standard practice, boxes containing either 25 or 100 sensors will feature a QR code, simplifying the process of claiming multiple sensors at once. In cases where these quantities are not met, the package will lack a QR code and each sensor will need to be claimed individually.



As you scan Kit or Device IDs you will see information about the sensors and Cloud Connectors in the preview list. It will also be shown if any of the devices have already been claimed, or if parts of a Kit have been claimed earlier.


When you are ready, press the Claim x devices, and the devices will become available in your project and begin to deliver data. 

Below is a list of the possible error messages you can encounter when claiming devices.

Error message Cause of error message
This Kit/Device has already been claimed

Someone has already claimed the devices and they can not be reclaimed. The devices might already be in your organization, please use the Identify Device features in Studio to try to locate them.

If they have been claimed into another organization, it is still possible to move them into your organization (this will also transfer the subscription billing responsibility to your organization).

If you're unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to us at DT Support with the Kit ID/Device ID.

Not found

We were not able to locate the Kit/Device in our system.

If the identifier was entered manually and not scanned, please double-check if there are any errors in the input.

Please reach out to us at DT Support with the Kit ID/Device ID.

Claiming through API

Claiming can also be done directly through our APIs, and as a result, be implemented into an end application if desired. Check out our endpoint for both our REST API and Python API to learn more.