You can find the Billing module in the bottom-left corner menu in Studio.

This section is a part of the Admin menu and is restricted to Organization Administrators only. It is not accessible to Project members. For more information, see: Managing Studio access.

This section provides an overview and allows for the management of billing information, as well as access to invoice and order history.

The module is segmented into two subsections:

  1. Billing information 
  2. Subscription Management

Billing information

In the Billing Information subsection, users are required to input important information including:

  • Email address (for sending invoices)
  • Subscription contact (for invoice-related communication)
  • Billing address (to appear on the invoice)

For more information on how to properly edit this section, visit: How to view and update billing information.

Subscription Management

Subscription Management includes three separate views:

  • Active Subscriptions - Provides details for all running subscriptions and allows Organization Administrators to manage device renewals. This includes making changes and deactivating devices that are no longer needed. For detailed instructions, refer to the Managing subscriptions in Studio.
  • Invoice History -  You can view both paid and upcoming subscription invoices in the invoice history list. For further details, check out How to view invoice history.
  • Order History - An overview of all the purchase orders made by the Organization.