Getting started with Studio

This article explains the key concepts about Studio which is a developer console where you can manage Sensors, Projects, Service Accounts and more.

To get started, open a new tab in your browser, navigate to and login with your user credentials.

All Sensors start their life in the "Inventory" Project when they are shipped. Navigate to it, or another project in which you know you have sensors, by clicking on Manage Projects in the menu on the left and select the project.

Click on Sensors & Connectors in the menu on the left. This will show you a list of all of the Sensors and Cloud Connectors in this Project.




  • All sensors are assigned to an organization at shipping time.
  • Organizations owns and are billed for a set of sensor projects.
  • The default project named Inventory will receive shipped material.
  • Users with Administrator Role for an Organisation can access all projects of that organization.



  • All sensors and cloud connectors are placed into projects.
  • Access control happens on project level.
  • In Studio, projects are the top-level navigation.
  • Most API methods only operate within a given project.
  • Projects can be configured to publish their sensor data to defined endpoints via DataConnectors
  • The predefined Inventory project receives new material



  • Labels can be used to associate information to sensors, either as only a key or a key/value combination.
  • Labels are indexed and searchable
  • Some possible uses for labels :
    • Label sensor with external Id for simple id-mapping.
      DataConnectors can be configured to include selected labels in every delivered event for this purpose.
    • Setting location code on the sensor to be able to look up all sensors in a given area
    • Workflow states, such as not_installed, etc.

Data Connectors

Data Connector

  • Robust push-based integration
  • Tell us where to push the data for a project.
  • On errors, we will retry.
  • It only requires an HTTPS endpoint.
  • Basic auth or signed messages

User Accounts

User Accounts

  • User accounts are global. When receiving a membership invitation to an Organisation or Project, users can sign up with their email.
  • Users may have access to projects from different organizations.
  • Roles within a project defines which operation a user is allowed. E.g “Read Only” vs. “Admin”

Service Accounts


  • API use only happens through service accounts.
  • Authentication of service accounts happens through key/secret information.
  • The service account represents an external domain system. It can be granted access levels to any project or organization.
  • Create one service account for each domain system accessing the API to manage the data access for that system.
  • All operations possible through Studio can be performed via the API.